Americans' Support for Climate Action Growing Again, Poll Finds


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Some discouraging polls released late last year and early this year showed that American belief in man-caused global warming was on a serious decline. So-called Climate Gate and an unusually cold and snowy winter were blamed Now, it seems that the trend has reversed -- a new, in-depth study from Yale shows that since January, support for action on climate change has grown steadily. Climate Progress broke down some of the more interesting findings of the poll:

  • Global warming should be a very high or high "priority for the president and Congress."

  • Corporations and industries should take more steps to reduce global warming.

  • Nearly two-thirds of respondents agreed that the "United States should reduce its greenhouse gas regardless of what other countries do."

  • The U.S. should make a large-scale or medium scale effort, even if it has large or moderate economic costs.

  • There was an 8 percent increase in strongly or somewhat support "regulating CO2."

  • The poll found nearly a one-third increase in strong support for "providing tax rebates for people who purchase energy efficient vehicles or solar panels."

Here's a snippet from the poll itself:


Other interesting points to note are that people placed 'regulating carbon' as a higher priority than offshore drilling, and there was even more major, across-the-board support for further funding clean energy technology than present in previous polls.

All of these findings are encouraging, though Joe Romm of CP seems to thing that the biggest influence in the general change of heart comes mostly from the hot spring that much of the nation experienced.

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