Americans Most Satisfied With Environmental Quality Since 2002: New Poll

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Are you satisfied with the overall standard of environmental quality in the United States? According to a new poll, 46% of Americans are, saying that quality is either excellent or good. The number is up from 39% last year, and according to Reuters it's the highest satisfaction Americans have had with environmental quality since 2002. Whatever could be responsible for the rise?Well, a jumping off point would be one glaring change that took place over the last 8 years. Some high-ranking official or other with a much maligned environmental record leaving office, maybe? Yes, after many Americans deemed Bush's environmental policy to be disastrous, Obama's election to the presidency left many encouraged. It was, after all, one of only 2 areas that he scored a full-on positive grade from most Americans for first year performance in a report card poll.

But interestingly, the environmentally concerned may have just been more sick of Bush than anything:

Gallup said the public's environmental outlook improved sharply last year after President Barack Obama's inauguration. But the data has remained largely unchanged since then, with 41 percent anticipating improvement and 48 percent expecting conditions to worsen
However, to his credit, Obama has sustained in Americans the more positive environmental outlook.

A stronger, more responsive EPA has come down harder on polluters, and the Obama administration overturned a number of environmentally harmful midnight rulings issued by the Bush administration. Obama is generally regarded as having a stronger commitment to the environment--and his support for clean energy policies, upgrading of fuel economy standards, and green jobs platforms reflect this.

But it's far from a sealed deal--a full 53%, the clear majority, still say that environmental quality is fair to poor. And those 48% still expect things to get worse. In other words, there's much to be done before Americans feel truly content with environmental quality.

Let's do our own impromptu poll--Americans, are you satisfied with the environmental quality in the US?

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