Americans Direct Scorn Over High Gas Prices Towards Washington, Willing to Cut Safety to Up Mileage

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In a break with the time-honored practice of blaming oil companies for high gas prices, Consumer Reports released their latest Auto Pulse Survey on Thursday indicating that 77% of consumers said the root of high gas prices lies with the government’s failure to implement effective energy policy.

Now the question is whether those same respondents realize that even higher gas prices are necessary to break the cycle, or if they’re just wishing for a handout to foot their latest bill.
All told 75% still blamed oil companies, 70% thought foreign oil producers were at fault, and 68% believed the conflict in the Middle East was a leading cause of record prices.

Americans Take Steps to Beat Gas Prices
On the brighter side, 31% said they walked or bicycled more and 16% are taking greater advantage of public transportation with one in ten telling pollsters they’ve moved so they could live closer to work.

Amazingly, 15% indicated they would be willing to make driving their own vehicle less safe if it meant they could pay less to fill up. A response that may reflect the flawed belief that accidents only happen to other people as much as the pain they’re feeling when they head to the pump.

American Attitudes Towards Alternative Energy, Conservation
But 90% of those surveyed support an increase in alternative energy development, although 81% want the U.S. government to allow more drilling both on and offshore. And Americans also favored conservation measures, with 83% saying they supported tax incentives for alternative transportation.

Filled with data, it’s most certainly an interesting snapshot of Americans newfound appreciation for the judicious use of gas.

via: CNN
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