American Solar Energy Society's "Tackling Climate Change in the U.S" Report


We wish we had posted on this ASES report back in February of 2007 when it came out. Then again, the good thing about waiting until now is that all those US Congress Critters and Presidential hopefuls with newly minted green credentials might read the report and propose policies based on it. A few excerpts from the press release:- "Getting serious about energy efficiency and harnessing existing renewable-energy technologies can cut annual U.S. carbon dioxide emissions 60 percent to 80 percent below today's ever-rising output of the heat-trapping gas... Such reductions would lower carbon emissions enough to keep atmospheric concentrations of the greenhouse gas from climbing another 18 percent over the next 35 years...The report's authors found that cutting demand through energy efficiency outweighed the potential impact of renewable energy. Efficiency could account for a full 57 percent of the potential carbon-emission cuts by 2030, the report concluded... The report came from a set of nine research papers by scientists from NREL, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Rocky Mountain Institute and outside consultants commissioned for the Solar 2006 conference in Denver last July. Chuck Kutscher, an NREL engineer and the conference's organizer, asked his colleagues and others to estimate the maximum practical contribution for several renewable-energy and energy-efficiency technologies by 2030 and then calculate the carbon savings. Via:: The Daily Camera.

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