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Samples of's frustration-free packaging

Most people have had this experience:

Head to a store to get a flashdrive, micro flash card, or some other tiny gadget, and you're handed a giant plastic case that contains it. You go home, wrestle the case open, likely cutting yourself in the process, and think to yourself, "Why on earth do they do they package this tiny thing in this massive plastic shell??"

Well, finally a major company is asking the same thing and offering "Frustration-Free Packaging." is now providing customers with an option to cut down on wasteful and frustrating packaging. The company currently lists 19 products that are available in streamlined containers that often include recycled cardboard. The packaging samples shown on the website still look a little wasteful due to their size relative to the products, but at least it is a definite improvement over the alternatives. hopes that within a few years, they'll have as many products with frustration-free packaging as they do thankful, cut-free customers. Electronics manufacturers have juuuust started catching on. And with luck, in a few years Amazon won't be the only retailer offering such a cool service.

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Most people have had this experience: