Amazon Watch, RAN Gather Support For Frontline Communities Before Chevron Shareholder Meeting (video)


Image: Chevron in Ecuador

After winning an historic case against Chevron, frontline communities in Ecuador had expected that justice might finally be flowing their way. After all, it had already been 17 years since the case was first brought against Texaco, now owned by Chevron, for polluting vast tracks of Amazon rainforest.The Ecuadoreans won $9 billion in damages, but Chevron has vowed to never pay, calling the decision a "fraud." Chevron has stood high and mighty on its green stack of oil profits and said that it won't part with any of the $19 billion it made in 2010.

Here is the petition page, which also has the video embedded.

Next week is Chevron's annual shareholder meeting, and the Rainforest Action Network and Amazon Watch have launched a petition drive asking Americans to "stand in solidarity" with the Ecuadoreans. Their goal is 30,000 signatures. A delegation of Ecuadoreans is coming north to deliver the petition directly to Chevron management and board members at the AGM


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