Amazon Watch Animation: Chevron's inHumane Energy

There has been a flurry of publicity surrounding the ongoing Chevron Texaco case in recent weeks. Pushing the point home most forcefully of all is this animation created for Amazon Watch by political cartoonist Mark Fiore. Find out more about the latest news on the protracted lawsuit being fought in the Ecuadorian Amazon below the fold...The San Francisco Chronicle published an article last week by Atossa Soltani, the director of Amazon watch, who campaigns tirelessly to raise awareness of the contamination being caused by oil companies in Ecuadorian rainforest. Soltani details the PR offensive from Chevron on this year's winners of the Goldman Environmental Prize: head lawyer Pablo Farjado and community leader Luis Yanza, both representing the indigenous people's plee for compensation for the destruction of their habitat.

Time magazine also published a powerful photo essay by Ivan Kashinsky, who captured Farjado's work and the communities affected by the pollution. Chevron's denial of their responsibility in the face of overwhelming evidence is succinctly stated in Fiore's animation: "This is the power of corporate energy."

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