Launches Fair Trade and Organic Feature

alonovo-fair-trade-organic.jpg, the online marketplace that helps you buy things that match your social values, has added a new feature supporting shopping by "Fair Trade" and "organic" product labels. We're glad to see that they're growing; when we first covered them, they were young and vivacious but small and full of potential, and it appears that they've begun to fulfill that potential. Said George Polisner, CEO of, "We are accelerating our effort toward catalyzing a social values-led free market economy. The promise of such a shift will benefit society in America and beyond as consumers develop affinity for businesses such as Seventh Generation, Green Mountain Coffee, Interface, HP and other companies that have taken a courageous leadership role in the new sustainable economy." shares a minimum of 20% of its shopping revenue with over 75 organizations that are working to protect our environment, addressing socio-economic justice, and generally improving the quality of life for everyone. Each registered member selects their beneficiary organization which then benefits from that individual's shopping activity. This results in recurring funding for many great local, national and global causes. Keep it up! via ::CSRwire