Alonovo - Shopping More Intelligently

Joel Makower writes about Alonovo, an online marketplace/shopping portal that "adds value" to your shopping experience by giving you information about the company you are buying from. From Makower's post: "'Essentially what we’ve done is taken the catalog of Amazon products and through our portal providing directly into the consumer experience the socially responsible ratings of manufacturers and merchants,' explains Alonovo founder George A. Polisner, who left a long career at Oracle to start the company. Polisner and his team have partnered with KLD Research & Analytics, a pioneering, well-respected socially responsible investing research firm, whose databases of company social performance are widely used by pension funds and other institutional investors." Alonovo launched yesterday (August 22, 2005), so its still quite young and incomplete. We'll keep an eye on it and see how it develops. Hopefully, it will help many people make more responsible buying decisions and the concept of showing environmental, ethical and social information alongside products is something that other stores will copy.

::Alonovo, via ::Joel Makower