Allison Rogers Throws A Very Green Party


Recently, Allison Rogers threw a very green party. I arrived there quite inefficiently by driving through the icy streets of DC (for some reason I couldn't take the metro and bus that night). I knocked on the door, and was welcomed by Kayanna, one of Allison's vivacious green roommates. As I entered, I immediately observed that the whole house was lit with numerous strings of efficient LED lights. In the bluish glow were mingling a veritable who's who of green DC operatives: representatives from the Pentagon, the Justice Department, the CIA, and of course the Capitol were all in attendance. There were tables laden with organic appetizers, and other tables laced with organic spirits (such as Square One vodka: Allison has since recycled the bottle into a candle holder), organic beers and organic wines of all kinds. I immediately reconnoitered across the room and sampled the organic drinks.


Allison was dashing in a green dress. I was only able to take these photos from afar, due to the crush of party-goers around her.



Michelle was lovely and served everyone fine organic canap├ęs.

This was a great experience for me, being able to attend a completely organic party. Thank you Alli, Kayanna, Monika and Michelle.