All We Have To Be Thankful For


This Thanksgiving, I trust we're all thankful that the "tree chipper" wielded by the climate change deniers has run out of gas, and that those who have long made their living twisting the facts to deny the "green" voice, have largely lost their own.

While it's been fun to take pride in how mainstream media has picked up our thread of late, covering the stories we featured months before, dark figures lurk in the woods, ready to fire up the chipper. It's not gone by any means.

Tomorrow morning, with the winds of winter having bared the trees, with snow on the way, there will be new lines of attack and and strategies of political exclusion. If war can be a metaphor for the climate change battle in front of us, we are like Continental troops slogging toward a long hard winter at Valley Forge - yet leaderless.

What lies in front of me is the continuing hope shared by our readers. For that I am the most thankful of all.

Image credit: J. Laumer, TreeHugger Bumpersticker On Wood Chipper