All We Are Saying is Cut Greenhouse Gas! John Lennon Would Be Proud...

The spirit of John Lennon took over the Bella Center in Copenhagen this afternoon, if only briefly. On the anniversary of John Lennon's assassination a group of twenty young people from the Youth Climate Coalition staged a 'Bed-In', assembling in their pyjamas and singing a variation of the classic "Give Peace a Chance". The new lyrics had a more COP15 theme...

"All we are saying is give youth a chance!" They sang in tune, if not always unison. "All we are saying is cut greenhouse gas!" True to Lennon's style they interspersed the tune with a half-spoken half-chanted medley of the effects of climate change we are already seeing and which we are likely to see.

Call me sentimental, call me foolish, and I say this self-consciously, it brought a tear to my eye. But so does the original... photo: Matthew McDermottMore COP15coverage:
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