All Quiet On The Wal-Mart Front

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A few years ago when we wrote It's getting harder to hate Wal-Mart, we concluded, after reading Lee Scott's environmental and other plans, that "If these words came out of the mouth of Yvon Chouinard or John Mackey, everyone would stand up and cheer- it is a remarkable speech that all should read and hold up as a standard for any company. That it comes from Wal-Mart? We will wait and see."

According to the New York Times: after waging an aggressive public relations campaign against Wal-Mart for three years, the company's full-time, union-backed critics, who once vowed never to let up, are putting down their cudgels. "It's fair to say we have been less in-your-face," said David Nassar, the executive director of Wal-Mart Watch.

On environmental issues, they must be making progress, because they are under attack from the right: " Wal-Mart's support for the anti-free market agenda of the environmental movement... may be undermining the company's financial future. " and "NLPC Calls on Scott to Revoke Support for CO2 Emission Regulation That Will Devastate Wal-Mart Customers."

Nassar of Wal-Mart Watch concludes: "As the company makes changes, it becomes harder to be critical," Mr. Nassar said, "because our critique has to become more nuanced. But that's O.K.," he added. "We didn't sign up for an easy job." ::New York Times