All Al All the Time: For Whom the Nobel Tolls


Gore Jr walking with his senator father, Al Gore, from the Capitol Building with his mother Pauline and sister Nancy, from the Guardian

Another great writer, David Roberts at Grist, on why Gore should not run for president:

If he entered the race, Gore would run headlong into the same dim-bulb, theatrics-obsessed political press that did him so much harm in the 2000 race. He'd also run into Hillary Clinton's political machine. He would own the climate change issue, so other candidates would have to start attacking him on it and distancing themselves from it. He'd be forced to spend his time discussing one piece of frenzied ephemera after another, instead of focusing on his animating passion. He'd end up in a bruising, demeaning battle, and winning some peace prize wouldn't shield him. The process of electing a president, like so many things in the U.S. today, has become small and petty. It shrinks, cheapens, simplifies, and plasticizes those who take part in it, as Gore has already learned.

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