Albert Hofman 1906-2008


When we honoured LSD inventor Albert Hofman on his hundredth birthday, many TreeHuggers were offended, asking " Could someone tell me how this could possibly be green-related? This only serves to cast an unfavorable light on the majority of us who are not former wasted trippin' hippies." or "I, too, am surprised and slightly offended by this post on Treehugger. This isn't the sort of thing I expect from you." Others were more subtle and simply said "you are an idiot loyd."

Turil and others defended the post, "I'm wondering how someone would be offended by hearing about a historically significant person having a one hundredth birthday...Oh, and apparently, the Hoffman's first acid trip was on a bike. And biking is most definitely Treehugger!"

So this time I will say nothing other than Rest in Peace. ::Albert Hofman dead at 102