Alaskan Senator Claims Worst is Already Over When it Comes to Global Warming

senator ted stevens

Alaskan Senator and noted climate "expert" Ted Stevens (he of the "series of tubes" speech) has confidently asserted that — with regards to the effects of global warming — it's all downhill from here. Over the course of a recent news broadcast focusing on the impact of climate change on Shishmaref, a small village in Alaska, Stevens predicted the end of the adverse weather patterns was nigh:

"We're at the end of a long, long term of warming. 700 to 900 years of increased temperature, a very slow increase. We think we're close to the end of that. If we're close to the end of that, that means that we'll starting getting cooler gradually, not very rapidly, but cooler once again and stability might come to this region for a period of another 900 years."

This came as news to Deborah Williams, the president of Alaska Conservation Solutions, who deemed the senator's theory a "new one" that contradicted all previous findings of scientists studying global warming. "I have not heard of any credible climatologist who believes that the earth is going to cool. That the Earth would warm over three to seven degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the century," she explained. But, to give credit where credit is due, this is still a sharp turnaround for a senator who once vocally argued against the notion that anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions contributed to global warming. Just don't listen to his "deliberations" on the actual science of climate change.

Via ::KTUU: Shishmaref feels heat of global warming (news website), ::Talking Points Memo: Ted Stevens: Worst of Global Warming Over (blog)

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