Alaskan Eskimo Village Votes to Move Upstream to Avoid Climate Change Flooding

newtok alaska photo


To prevent flooding which is already occurring (and increasing with climate change being blamed) the Yup'ik Eskimo village of Newtok has voted to move all of its 340 residents 9 miles upstream, CNN reports:Due to warming temperatures, coastal ice shelves and frozen soils are already melting, reducing natural barriers to summer storm surge flooding. According to the US Army Corps of Engineers it will cost about $130 million to move the entire village. The village is working with federal and state representatives to assist with the relocation, but Newtok does not yet have all the money to move.

The Corps says that currently there are 26 Alaskan villages in danger of being flooded out, with an additional 60 at risk over the coming decade.

via: CNN
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