Al Gore's "24 Hours of Reality" Finale in NYC: Conquering Climate Denial (WATCH NOW)

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UPDATE: Finale begins at 7:00 PM EST

Al Gore has used multimedia presentations to bring global warming to the public's attention to great effect: Millions of people woke up to the climate crisis thanks to the world's most famous Power Point show. An Inconvenient Truth thrust climate into the national discourse, forever positioning global warming as an issue we could no longer ignore. But though we may have stopped ignoring it, Americans are still confused and apathetic about it. And that's where 24 Hours of Reality comes in. Gore's second major climate-themed media event, which began last night at 7 pm in Mexico City, sought to cut through the haze of confusion and denial, with 24 consecutive hours of climate coverage. We're coming up on the last hour, which will feature a grand finale in New York City hosted by Al Gore himself.

Watch it right here at 7 pm on the live stream above. See below for additional materials (like Gore on the Colbert Report), and join the conversation in a live Climate Reality chat. Our media has irresponsibly sensationalized the topic as though it were 'he-said-she-said'. Our politicians brazenly deny it exists to curry favor with corporate donors. Worse, neither are willing to link the recent extreme weather with climate change, even though scientists say we're seeing exactly what we should expect in a warmer world.


The event will feature precisely what its namesake promises: 24 hours of programming, in 13 languages, all focused on climate change. Every hour will move to a new location -- things kick off tonight in Mexico City (7 pm CST) and will move on to places as disparate as Pakistan, Cape Verde, and Alaska, before concluding at 7 pm tomorrow in New York City (where yours truly will be on the ground to cover the finale). In other words, it will certainly be a global event.

And none other than TreeHugger founder Graham Hill will be on hand in the studio for the 5-7 am segment, which will focus on the Solomon Islands, Australia, and Seoul, South Korea. So: night hawks, early risers, and international readers -- be sure to tune in. Here's Al Gore on the Colbert Report explaining his project (and accidentally 'outing' Colbert, to boot):

See the promo here:

And join the conversation below:

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And see our previous coverage of the run-up to the event here:

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