Al Gore to Speak to Wal-Mart Executives

al gore wal-mart
Wal-Mart has asked Al Gore to address its store executives next week during their "quarterly conference on sustainability" (we wonder for how many quarters that conference has been going on). Gore will talk about global warming though it is not clear if he will give the slide presentation that was made into An Inconvenient Truth. Speaking of that movie, Rotten Tomatoes ranks it at an equal 4th of all movie playing in the US with 92%. That rating is based on reviews of the film, not dollar figures. The book version is also doing well at #3 on Amazon's Best Sellers list. ::Wal-Mart Warms to Al Gore via ::ThinkProgress. See also: ::Wal-Mart Hires Rocky Mountain Institute, ::Wal-Mart Wooing Seventh Generation?