Al Gore to Air Longest Reality TV Show Episode Ever

...And It's All About Climate
Al Gore has been in the news quite a bit lately -- and not just because I unwittingly helped start a far-right media frenzy by filming his comments on population issues. Between the release of his acclaimed Our Choice book and iPad app, his cable TV network's acquiring of Keith Olbermann for a daily talk show, and a fiery article in a recent Rolling Stone, it's become pretty clear: The man who introduced climate change to the American public is back at stage center. And his latest project is likely to bring that spotlight even more into focus: A 24-hour reality TV event that will delve deeper into climate issues than anything yet attempted on the silver screen.It will be the opening salvo from his newly formed Climate Reality Project (a sort of rebranding of the Alliance for Climate Protection), and according to the New York Times, it will go something like this:

The group's first program will be a live-streamed event called 24 Hours of Reality and held on Sept. 14-15. According to a press release from the organization, "people all around the globe living with the impacts of climate change will connect the dots between recent extreme weather events -- including floods, droughts and storms -- and the man-made pollution that is changing our climate."

The video feed will feature scientists, celebrities, executives and citizens from places like Tonga, Mexico City and Alaska, along with Mr. Gore. It will be broadcast over 24 hours in 24 time zones and in multiple languages, the group said.

And as you can tell by watching the trailer in the video above, it will also seek to expose the fossil fuel industry's efforts to control the climate debate -- a theme he hit on in that Rolling Stone piece as well.

It's an interesting, unorthodox idea to be sure. Different content will be aired for different regions and time zones. The strategy seems to be to generate some buzz for the show by treating it like an event, and then honing in on local-level climate issues. It's all a little confusing, but my curiosity is certainly piqued, so maybe that's the point -- I'll be tuning in.

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