Al Gore Takes on . . . the Nazis?

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Al Gore recently called on people everywhere to do as the Britons did in WWII and stand up to the Nazis. Or was it climate change? Or both? It's a little hard to say judging from the recent Times piece, Al Gore likens fight against climate change to battle with Nazis. So did Gore really equate climate change to an approaching Nazi army? Al Gore passionately sounded yet another call to action, to be sure--this time, against the Nazi-like threat of climate change. At least that's how the British newspaper framed Gore's talk.

Climate skeptics and detractors have long employed the practice of referring to climate change studies and awareness projects as Nazi propaganda, but it's interesting to see the metaphor reversed for once.

From the Times

Speaking in Oxford at the Smith School World Forum on Enterprise and the Environment , sponsored by The Times, Mr Gore said: "Winston Churchill aroused this nation in heroic fashion to save civilisation in World War Two." He added: "We have everything we need except political will but political will is a renewable resource."
Now, the Times includes a video excerpt of the talk over at its website, but the segment strangely doesn't include the subject of the article's headline. Nonetheless, the piece goes on to say:
Mr Gore admitted that it was difficult to persuade the public that the threat from climate change was as urgent as the threat from Nazi Germany.
Whether the metaphorical link was made by Gore or by the Times is unclear--sure, Gore has called for civil disobedience before, but he must know that likening the climate problem to impending takeover from one of the most sinister armies in history will rub many the wrong way.

Maybe he doesn't care anymore. Maybe he shouldn't. Or maybe the Times took his Churchill reference a bit too literally. Or maybe Al Gore is taking on the Nazis.

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