Al Gore Says Carbon Tax Best Choice


As a not-running-for President guy, Al's in a position to be logical about the best public policy to drive climate action: a carbon tax. No Democratic candidate can come out for a carbon tax because he or she would be attacked for being a "tax and spend liberal." And no Republican candidate can come out of the carbon tax closet cuts.

So, cap and trade it is. Unless, we want to wait until 2009 in hopes that the lobbying power of industries with big carbon footprints will be miraculously reduced in the 2008 election.

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore said Wednesday that adopting a carbon tax is one of the best things governments can do to fight climate change.

"I know this sounds like a bigger idea than the political system can accommodate," Gore said during a Web cast discussion with Cisco Systems Chairman and CEO John Chambers. Gore said he is convinced that reducing taxes on businesses and employees -- and replacing the lost revenue with pollution taxes, principally a carbon tax -- is the way to go.

But, as we all know, Big Foot lives on. So...Cap and Trade, I guess.

Via::Greentech Media, "Al Gore Backs Carbon Tax" Image credit::Current, "Biggest carbon footprint on the planet belongs..."