Al Gore Helps Pull The US' Monkey Wrench Out Of The World's Climate Treaty Gear Box

Courtesy of the New York Times, there's been a diplomatic breakthrough in Bali, with the US finally agreeing to future terms for re-negotiating a revised Climate Treaty (post-Kyoto), with the UN involved.

The mood here shifted after a speech Thursday by Al Gore, the former United States vice president who shared the Nobel Peace Prize this year for helping to alert the world to the danger of global warming.

After declaring that the United States was "principally responsible for obstructing progress" in Bali, he urged delegates to agree to an open-ended deal that could be enhanced after Mr. Bush left office in January 2009.

"Over the next two years the United States is going to be somewhere it is not now," Mr. Gore said to loud applause. "You must anticipate that."

Better to read the whole NYT story than for us to regurgitate it. For those who have been belly aching about Al Gore's flying-around-the-world C02 footprint, we have this to say: the "footprint" is well worth it, given the hand he had in turning things around in Bali.

Unfortunately, more prospective monkey wrenchers are always lurking in the background.

Image, Monkey Wrench

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