Al Gore Eyeing "Plenty" Magazine?

al gore plenty magazine photo

The Goracle might be getting into the magazine business, according to According to blabby "sources" close to the former veep, Inconvenient Truth-ster, and Nobel Prize winner, Al Gore is thisclose to announcing the acquisition of a stake in the environmental rag Plenty, which has a circulation base of 200,000.

When asked Plenty founder Mark Spellun about the rumors, Spellun acknowledged that a deal of some kind was in the pipeline but that it was "not correct" to say that Gore was buying the company.
His exact words: "That wouldn't be quite accurate," a statement that couldn't be more loaded, especially since Spellun clammed up right after, saying an announcement would come next week.

Is Gore's appearance on the cover of the current issue of Plenty a shout-out to its new boss? Stay tuned, Gore fans.
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