Al Gore Continues to Play Coy About Future Plans

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If you believe Washington's political chattering classes, Al Gore's decision to remove himself from consideration for the upcoming presidential election is essentially a fait accompli. Indeed, his recent move to join KPCB's high-powered team seemed to dash any remaining hope that he would stage a late entry in the 2008 campaign. Or did it?

Gore told the Financial Times a few days ago that he had not yet made "a Sherman statement" - conventionally seen in politics as signifying a putative candidate's definitive lack of interest in pursuing an elected position. Whether or not he does eventually decide to enter the race (or clarify his position) - we can at least take comfort in knowing that he is advising candidates from both parties on their environmental plans. "I have talked to all the major candidates in my party, and a couple in the other party, about the climate crisis. I have given advice and answered their questions and will continue to do so," Gore told the FT, adding that he had "not decided whether I will endorse any candidate or not, much less who I would endorse."

So what does Gore think of the plans currently being advanced by the major candidates? As it so happens, nothing much: "None of the [candidates] have proposed what I think we should propose." Which would be?

"I think we ought to eliminate the payroll tax and replace it with a carbon dioxide tax. That would be a smart economic policy and a smart environmental policy. It would put a price on carbon dioxide." He also added that would advocate tax cuts for the green technologies he and his partners at KPCB and Generation Investment Management, the firm he co-founded with ex-Goldman Sachs executive David Blood, invest in - such as advanced solar thermal power plants and "smart grids."

Shame he probably still won't consider running.

Via ::Financial Times: Gore coy on domestic plans (newspaper)

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