An airport, a ferry company and several restaurant chains are all banning plastic straws

plastic drinking straws
CC BY 2.0 karen2754 -- A view of the plastic disposable straws that currently clog our oceans at a rate of 500 million per day in the USA

The anti-straw movement is definitely having a moment. Let's hope the momentum continues.

When I wrote about a clothing company that has removed 1,000,000 lbs of trash from our waterways, some commenters argued that it was a band-aid solution.

We need to stop producing the trash in the first place.

They were right, of course. While I don't see it as an either/or question—we can remove trash from rivers AND work to eradicate it at source—we do need to focus much more of our energy upstream. Until recently, however, that felt very much like an uphill battle. As we've noted already, however, the tide does seem to be shifting on this issue. And it's encouraging to see the momentum on ending plastic waste continuing, with the UK making a particularly concerted effort.

Among the latest announcements from my homeland that are worthy of note:

Let's hope these are signs of even bigger, more ambitious efforts to come.

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