Air Conditioning With Ice Energy - Climate Saving Can Be Cool


Ice Energy has come a long way since our 2005 post describing a possible 30% energy saving benefit, and Lloyd's update called Ice Bear: Thermal Storage for Cheaper AC. Now we're allowed to look inside (pictured), and see there's been some progress on the marketing side as well.

Just recently Ice Energy announced a partnership with Pacific Gas & Electric (arguably the country's 'greenest utility') as part of the utility's $10 Million Shift & Save program and expect to be picked up by a multitude of others in the near future.

Earlier this year they also announced the additional air emissions reduction benefits to installing Ice Bears across the country. Turns out that leveling the load does more than promote grid health . . .

By simply shifting 95% of Air Conditioning (AC) electricity consumption from mid-day peak hours to off-peak hours, a single Ice Bear cuts:

CO2 reduction of 104 lbs during daytime hours, a critical period for the production of smog. This results in a net reduction of 12 lbs of carbon dioxide emissions each 24 hours.

9.28g/day in NOx emissions

All in all, the new take on AC drives an overall reduction in emissions that's equivalent to one half of your car.

Here's Ice Bear outside a fire station:


What surprises us still is that this technology has not yet grabbed the attention of mainstream media (forgive the catchall term but what else to call it?). It's novel. Good visuals are available. Ground-level pollution is reduced, indirectly, through it's use. It's seriously good for the climate and good for the budget.

See also this earlier post on the same concept employed for public health reasons: Ice Battery: Design Basis For Solar Vaccine Chiller. For a down-town, in the basement of a huge building version of a similar technology, see Jeremy's post here.