"Hybrids are Good, but Plug-Ins are Bettah!"


Plug-in hybrids exist. They get 100 miles to the gallon or more. People want them. But car companies won’t make them. As part of their quest to mobilize consumer demand and prove technical feasibility, Cal Cars has launched a little piece of promo called Bettah! The animated short is another snappy number from Free Range, the nice folks who brought us Store Wars and The Meatrix. Co-sponsored by Americans for Energy Independence, Bettah! paints plug-ins as the next logical step in the evolution of human invention. If you find yourself convinced, you can sign a petition telling automakers that, as a consumer, you want to see plug-ins in the showroom. Cal Cars hopes to get signatures from 100,000 people—the same number who bought a regular hybrid in the last six months. Thanks to tipster Charles. :: Bettah! and Cal Cars