Agenda 21 And The Tea Party Threat To Smart Planning Rears Its Ugly Head in California


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I think perhaps 12 people read my post Agenda 21: The United Nations Threat To Control Our Lightbulbs, Our Lifestyles and Our Lives, where I describe the right wing threat to smart growth, transit, sustainable development, historic preservation and just about anything that TreeHugger types might believe in. But in the San Francisco area, the Tea Party and Agenda 21 conspiracy theorists are hijacking planning meetings, trying to fight implementation of SB375, a 2008 bill that mandated the creation of "sustainable" regional growth plans.

Watch the first minute of this video. As Josh Stevens of Planetizen notes,

The preface to the video characterizes smart growth, liveable communities, and social justice as attacks on "freedom," "your prosperity," "your property rights," and "the American dream." And it ironically questions planning that claims to serve "the greater good."

For the Tea Party, it's all a plot.

At those meetings, self-identified Tea Party supporters decried nearly every goal of the SB 375 planning process. Speakers criticized the plan for forcing residents into dense housing and impinging on suburban lifestyles. Speakers questioned the notion of regional planning, claiming that top-down planning would usurp local control.

Oh, and we want to take away their cars.

"We'll continue to drive whatever we want to drive until we get a better working model."

I personally am living through the hell that happens when crazy right-wingers get control of municipal government, and start undoing a decade's worth of planning. As the Agenda 21 conspiracy spreads, it is just going to get worse.

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