Aftermath of the TVA Coal Ash Spill: Get Ticketed for Taking Water Samples (Video)

Note: the intro to this is the same as some other clips we’ve shown on this subject, but this one really does a better job at showing the extent of the damage caused by the spill--if you want to get quickly caught up on what's happened over the past since the spill happened, this is the one.

One more eyewitness video clip showing the aftermath of the Tennessee coal ash spill on the Emory River. You may have already seen photos of the some of the spill, particularly images of houses surrounded by debris, but you ain’t seen nothing until you’ve seen people from Appalachian Voices in kayaks paddling next to five foot tall islands of coal ash as they survey the damage and take water samples. Here be spoilers: At the end all members of the expedition get written warnings from TVA for trespass, even though they are on a public waterway with no signs indicating that the river is closed to traffic. And they get shadowed by TVA security until they're out of the area.

via: OnEarth
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