Adventurer Todd Carmichael Has Reached the South Pole Unassisted

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Like "fighting your way through a junkyard that is 20 miles long . . . blindfolded" is how 44-year-old eco-adventurer Todd Carmichael describes his recent trek across Antarctica to the South Pole. The temperature was a mere 35 degrees below zero and white outs were common.Todd Carmichael of Philadelphia, Pa., is the first American to complete the 700 mile trek across Antarctica to the South Pole unassisted. Carmichael arrived at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station at 4:10 p.m. on December 21, exactly 97 years and one week after the first polar explorer Roald Amundsen first achieved the frosty feat.

Even more impressive is that while Amundsen was joined by a team and sled dogs, Carmichael accomplished the challenging trek all by his lonesome. He brought along only the bare essentials (i.e. his tent, satellite phone, and food). After Carmichael waved goodbye to his pilot he wouldn't see another face for nearly two months.

In 2004 Carmichael, owner of La Colombe coffee, did a 100 mile test trek and last year he was forced to abandon the expedition when ruthless conditions prevented him from continuing. But this time he was able to successfully endure temperatures of 35 degrees below zero and constant white out conditions.

His accomplishment is unsurpassed by any American. Only four other individuals have completed the trek by themselves.

Carmichael is also an eco writer for and Huffington Post for which he writes about preserving the unforgiving lands that he holds so dear and global warming. He also diaries his adventures on his blog

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