Adspecs Eyeglasses Could Provide Sight for a Billion

adspecs eyeglasses for a billion

Should the challenges of the world be prioritized? Usually I think no, but then this story came across the blotter; The World Health Organization estimates that there are currently a billion people in need of eyeglasses to go about their daily lives. Many of these people are in developing nations; to afford the specs, it may take them three months’ wages , and about 10 percent of them are children (note to self: our future). Sight is a valuable tool to increase environmental awareness, and there is a solution.

Salvation has arrived in the form of Adaptive Eyecare Limited, which has developed a line of cheap, self-correcting spectacles. They are currently being made by a British NGO for between $5–$10 a pair; the target is a buck. The Firm has been demonstrating the new AdSpecs (Adaptive Spectacles) at the World Bank as part of a global appeal to expand production to reach everyone with vision problems.

If you wear eyeglasses, you have probably had a terrifying experience or two when your 'vision correcting apparatus' went lost/missing/broken. Sight is basic; sight is fundamental... and only a few billion dollars for every potential eyeglass-wearing-biped on the earth to see? Will some government, corporation, individual please write the check. :: Adaptive Eyecare :: World Bank
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