"Down in the Dumps" for Chicago Residents

If you haven't been to the windy city, it's surely a place to visit. The Sears Tower, the Miracle Mile, Navy Pier the tour of the far South Side where landfills rise up like rolling hills. What, never heard of that tour? Well it certainly has been popular as residents of the area want to know where the awful smells are drifting from on a regular basis. About 130 people so far have paid the $7.00 to check it out. The three hour "Down in the Dumps" tour is of more than a dozen garbage sites, including a waste water treatment plant, recycling center and landfills. It's a chance for residents, environmentalists and visitors to learn more about what happens to garbage once it leaves their trash cans. The tour was conducted twice this summer and will be offered again in the fall as a way to get people more involved in environmental issues within their community. Via ::Yahoo News ::Southeast Environmental Task Force

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