Activists Sabotage Coal Flow to Drax Power Plant

drax power plant photo

Drax power plant photo: Wikipedia.
The Guardian is reporting that climate activists have sabotaged a conveyor belt at the Glentaggart mine, disrupting flow of coal to the Drax power plant in Yorkshire (the UK's largest source of carbon emissions):The conveyor has been entirely closed down and according to a spokesman for Scottish Coal, will be out of service for at least a day. The 6.5km-long conveyor moves coal from the mine to a railway depot, from where it is sent to power plants to the south.

The same Scottish Coal spokesman says that the conveyor prevents some 30,000 truck deliveries of coal per year.

It's time (again) to take the pulse of TreeHugger readers:

We Won't Keep Emissions Down Burning Coal
Several prominent scientists have spoken out strongly against coal, saying that stopping the use of coal is priority number one in tackling climate change -- and a number of studies support that claim by saying that we will not be able to meaningfully reduce carbon emissions without cutting out coal from the energy mix.

So, is sabotaging a coal plant in this way acceptable to you?

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