Activists Head to World Series: "Beat Texas, Vote No on Prop 23"


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The World Series & Prop 23: Giants vs. Rangers, CA vs. Texas Oil?
This year's World Series, as you're likely aware, features a showdown between the San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers. It's an interesting matchup -- neither team has made it this far in years, and the Rangers never have. The last time the Giants won a World Series was over 50 years ago -- before they moved to SF from New York. But there's another reason folks are excited about the series: Clean energy activists have honed in the event to draw a parallel between Texas-based oil companies trying to beat down climate legislation in California via Prop 23. Beat the Rangers, they say, and beat Texas oil:It's a little silly, sure. But it does offer an opportunity to further publicly highlight the link between Texas oil companies and the proposition it sponsored to overturn California's innovative climate and clean energy law, which was signed by Governor Schwarzenegger in 2006. The activists brought unmissable banners to the first game in San Francisco, and the images showed up in some of the game's media coverage.

Here's an account of the run-up to the event from the great climate activist group 350.0rg
(via Climate Progress)

We've got election fever here at 350 HQ in California, where all eyes are focused on saving our state's landmark global warming law. In recent months, people all over the country have tuned into the battle over Proposition 23. We've also got, well, Giants fever. The San Francisco Giants are in the World Series, facing off against the Texas Rangers. Pitting these two states against each other is quite the twist of fate, as Texas oil money is the reason we're having to defend our global warming law in the first place.

Yesterday we teamed up with our friends at Greenpeace, Credo, Rainforest Action Network, Vote Solar, Mainstreet Moms, and Sierra Club, to pass out fliers making the Texas/California connection. We headed to the ballpark with banners, flyers, rally towels, lollypops, and just about anything orange and black we could find. Thousands of people poured into the ball park under our giant No on 23 and 26 sign.

Despite the tenuous connection between a baseball team and oil companies that meddle in the political process, it's a good opportunity to get some No on Prop 23 messaging out against the exponentially better funded oil companies.

Plus, as a lifelong Giants fan -- I grew up in California, and used to see them play back when they played at Candlestick -- I have no problem adding some fuel to the 'beat Texas' fire. So count me in:

Beat Texas.

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