Activists Across the Country Take Action A Week Before Copenhagen Begins


Activists stage a "die-in" in San Francisco

Today, in cities across the country and one week before the UN climate negotiations in Copenhagen, climate activists held demonstrations and workshops to bring urgent attention to issue of climate change. The events, known collectively as N30, coincided with the 10th anniversary of the World Trade Organization (WTO) protest in Seattle in 1999, where activists nearly shut down the city and changed the tenor of international trade talks forever. Here's a list of some of today's events:
Chicago--Chicago Climate Exchange
Denver-- Department of Public Health and Environment in Coal Protest
Greensville, SC -- Blockade of a generator for the Cliffside Coal Plant
San Francisco--Bank of America; 200 Rally with at least 23 Arrested
Whitby, Ontatio: Finance Minister's Office
Washington, DC: Downtown march

Coal Kills 4.jpg

An activist in Denver at the Department of Public Health and Environment


A protester demanding that corporate polluters stay out of the climate talks

Photo are available here of all of the events.

The events were organized by the Mobilization for Climate Justice, which is "a broad and diverse coalition of organizations working for social, environmental, economic and racial justice is calling for urgent action on the global climate crisis, based on equitable, democratic and science-based solutions."

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