Achoo!!? Reach for sustainable tissue this allergy season

Your smallest sustainable choice leads to greater availability of sustainable products

Even ordinary spring allergies come with choices that can make a real environmental difference. Look for the label before you reach for your next tissue.

How a simple tissue can support sustainable forestry
Tissues are a very soft form of paper made from wood fiber. Wood fiber, of course, comes from forests. That’s where your next sneeze comes in. You can choose to help future forests by choosing a tissue that comes from a responsibly managed source. Responsibly managed forests promote clean air and water. They protect natural assets today and manage growth for the future.

sfi certified tissue boxes© JD Irving Tissue Boxes carry the SFI label: Royale Canada and Scotties U.S.
How do you know if your tissue supports responsible forestry? Look for forest certification labels on the packaging. For example, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) program manages and oversees three rigorous certification standards for both forests and manufacturers that use wood products. SFI has multiple labels which signal that products meet the rigorous requirements of the SFI Standards. SFI On-Product Labels are recognized globally and provide a visual cue to help customers choose products from responsibly managed forests.

Only products that meet the standards can carry the SFI certification label. The label means that the wood fiber used was legally sourced from responsibly managed forests and has undergone an independent third party audit. By choosing SFI, you have a hand in helping maintain working forests, and all the benefits they provide.

Your smallest sustainable choice leads to greater availability of sustainable products

The tissue industry is keenly aware of the need for responsible sourcing and clear product labeling that helps consumers make sustainable choices. In fact, the theme for this year’s Tissue World Conference is: Beyond sustainability – leading a culture of innovation and responsible production.

As awareness grows in the industry and among consumers, more and more sustainable products are becoming available. You can already find SFI labels on hundreds of everyday products: paper cups and plates, milk cartons, cosmetics, school supplies and more.

A look behind the SFI label, from expansive forestland to a single tree downtown

sfi label© SFI
When you choose products with an SFI label, you’re supporting everything that sustainable forestry stands for: biodiversity, healthy wildlife habitats, conservation research and training in sustainable practices for forestry professionals, including loggers. Today, more than a quarter billion acres/100 million hectares of forestland across the U.S. and Canada are certified to the SFI Forest Management standard. Even more forests are positively influenced by the SFI Fiber Sourcing Standard.

SFI is also active in local communities through 34 local Implementation Committees. These groups support programs that get kids outdoors, promote urban tree planting and encourage green building. Some of SFI’s key partners include the Boy Scouts of America, Girl Guides of Canada and Habitat for Humanity.

To find out more about the SFI label and how it supports forests and communities and how forests support us today and tomorrow, visit

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