Accor Hotels to Roll Out Green Business Plan Across 42,000 Properties


Technology can make great strides in slashing hotel energy use—but leadership is needed at the management level to make sure it actually happens.

Lloyd already wrote about Accor Hotels' sustainability efforts back in 2007. But, by the looks of things, that commitment has only deepened. Business Green reports that Accor is about to roll out a major new sustainability initiative that includes huge reductions in water use through new cleaning techniques; energy efficiency savings through staff training; and the implementation of clean energy and energy efficiency technologies across the chain:

"When we clean in the traditional way it takes several dozen litres of water, on average around 25 litres of water per bathroom," explained Flak. "But after training we can get that down to two to three litres using new cleaning materials and techniques. We are doing a lot of R&D and testing different cleaning technologies."

The company is also testing a wide range of clean technologies to identity those that deliver the best environmental and financial returns, including anaerobic digestion systems, different solar technologies, geothermal power, and combined heat and power networks. The results will feed into a five-year sustainability plan due to be unveiled early next year.

Crucially, the company will also be tying managers' bonuses to their ability to meet environmental targets.

Accor Hotels to Roll Out Green Business Plan Across 42,000 Properties
Major hotel chain is launching an ambitious sistainability initiative, combining training and behavior change with technology to slash emissions.

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