AccorHotels to grow vegetables at 1,000 properties to cut food waste

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Talk about being in it for the long haul. We've been tracking Accor Hotels' sustainability efforts since their impressive "Earth Guest" initiative in 2007.

In 2011, the hotel company, which includes Sofitel, Novotel and Motel 6, announced plans to roll out a green business plan across their 42,000 properties, including water conservancy, energy efficiency savings and the implementation of clean energy. AccorHotels said it cut water consumption by nearly percent, energy consumption by 5.3 percent and carbon emissions by 6.2 percent under that plan.

Now, one of the world's biggest hotel chains is looking into growing their own vegetables to cut food waste at 1,000 properties and minimize their food loss by a third.

The company's chief executive Sebastien Bazin said on Tuesday that they are aiming to "reduce food waste by 30 percent, in particular by sourcing food locally," according to The Guardian.

The French group, which generates 25-30 percent of its revenue by serving 150 million meals a year, will first work out how much food it is wasting.

Its restaurants will be required to weigh and record food that is thrown away in order to best determine how to cut waste.

The group intends to plant vegetable gardens in many of its 3,900 hotels. “We are also going to support urban agriculture with the creation of 1,000 vegetable gardens in our hotels by 2020,” said Amir Nahai, leader of Accor’s food operations told The Guardian.

In addition to food waster, AccorHotels is aiming to increase their buildings' energy efficiency and ultimately making them carbon neutral.

AccorHotels to grow vegetables at 1,000 properties to cut food waste
AccorHotels continues their sustainability efforts by planning to cut down on food waste by growing vegetables in their properties.

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