ABLE 2008, the Biggest Sustainability Event in the Milan Design Week


is organising a week-long Design for Sustainable Lifestyle Convention in Milan (April 16-21) this year. Finally the world’s biggest design event, the Milan Design Week, will have 1500m2 in the heart of the Zona Totona dedicated to sustainable design to inspire its 300.000 expected visitors. Uchita de Zoysa, Chair of ABLE2008, explains: “For the first time designers, innovators, policy makers and businesses will be brought together at the world’s largest design fair, 'Milan Design Week', to promote, inform and demonstrate the exciting possibilities for change through sustainable design.“ Looking at the event programme, there are plenty of activities to get excited about: a global materials market, sustainable products exhibitions, media lounge, business meeting points, responsible parties, … everything to absorb today’s leading eco-innovations and connect to fellow designers, entrepreneurs and industry from all over the world.

Each day is dedicated to a specific target. Day one for example is labelled as ‘Sustainable Design for the individual’, from basic needs to sustainable comfort. Day two is about the city and sustainable communities, day three targets the country and the sustainable footprint of our consumption, whereas day four tackles the world with its new generation of materials and markets and the last day hosts a show on 'Sustainable Design for Wellbeing & Happiness'. The activities are all about being able; debatable, knowledgeable, designable, informable, meetable, enjoyable, fashionable, marketable, reponsable, mindable, manageable, challengeable...

With so much ability, ABLE2008’s main goal is to gather the huge amount of information on sustainable design currently spread out in the world and encapsulate it in a web 2.0. The days in Milan will be used to come up with a consensus on how sustainability and design can become one. The results will translate into a manifesto. To undertake this ambitious project, System Reload, the O2 Global Networks 20th anniversary project, is partnering ABLE2008. If you are also keen on getting involved, check both web sites for opportunities as sponsors or exhibitors. ::ABLE2008 (web updated soon) ::System Reload