ABC Runs Really Good Prime Time Story on Climate Change (Video)

Wha? What's this? A well-researched, well-rounded, entirely accurate story on climate change run in the mainstream media? In prime time, on a major network? I am stunned. I guess all it took was a year full of catastrophic extreme weather events to also be confirmed to be the hottest year ever recorded ... But seriously, very sincere compliments to ABC -- this is a job well done. Not only did they speak to a series of informed climate scientists and accurately tell the story of why a warming world increases the likelihood that we will continue to see such extreme weather events, but they even went to explain to Americans why global warming can lead to more snow! As you're likely aware, this is a confusing point to many, who feel that the snowstorms we have in winter somehow disprove that the global climate is warming.

Honestly, it's been years since I've seen a mainstream media TV segment on climate change this good.

And though there have been other decent stories that mention the very-real link between a warming world, increased wetness, and such extreme weather events as flooding, the one above is definitely the best. Here's another one from Nightline that's also pretty good:

So will this trend continue? Will the media in general react to the precedent set by these stories? We can only hope.

Hat tip to Climate Progress.
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