ABC Blocks Ad Focusing on Renewable Energy Needs

It's always frightening when a major advocate for clean energy gets blocked by mainstream media.

ABC has blocked this ad by the We Can Solve It campaign, an ad that divulges true facts about the oil industry and our ability to switch to renewable energy - facts that of course have political implications, as do most things tied to oil.

Keep reading for details and a quick way you can help out with this situation.As EcoGeek put it:

It is absolutely true that America's oil and coal lobbies have consistently blocked legislation and mis-represented facts about global warming to the American people. The travesty was when the oil lobby aired the "carbon is life" advertisement, not when the We Can Solve It campaign tried to set the record straight.

We never like seeing problems like this where possible solutions for change are blocked to the American public. It's about more than just polar bears. If you'd like to do something about it, you can sign the petition at We Can Solve It's website to help get ABC to reconsider their decision and air the ad.

As we quickly approach an election day with many environmental issues on the ballots, it's important that voters get all sides of every story, and this is one of them.

Full Disclosure: We Can Change It is an advertiser with TreeHugger.

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