A Worldwide Survey of Plastic Bag Bans & Waste (Infographic)


Photo: Zainub, Flickr, CC BY-SA

Ah, disposable plastic bags. Otherwise known as the entirely pointless, eminently useless contraptions still clinging to relevance in modern, resource-strapped society. Now that we've put a man on the moon and split the atom, humanity's next step should be discovering that a reusable bag can transport goods in much the same way a disposable bag can. Some parts of the world have gone further in adopting this knowledge than others. To see how everyone's doing on getting rid of this anachronistic product, we turn to Reuse This Bag's fine infographic survey of worldwide plastic bag banning and usage:

Bag Bans Worldwide

Source: Reusable Grocery Bags

Interesting info abound. China's ban on plastic bags in Beijing is especially striking, and has proven to be a huge success. Also, plastic bags are banned in Somalia? If they managed to ban plastic bags in Somalia, a barely-there government run by corrupt warlords, because, as one official there puts it, the "bags have not only become an environmental problem, but also an eyesore," you'd think we could get our act together to do the same in the United States ...

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