A Whopping 1.5% OF Mcdonalds' Locations Will Dim Their Golden Arches For An Earth Hour


image via dahlstroms.com

McDonald's is one of a few major corporations that have received extra green credit for its announcement of their one hour sacrifice to help the Earth. In the case of Mcdonald's, about 1.5% of its locations will dim their lights for 00.0114 % of the year. Here at TreeHugger, we understand and support the significance of the world going dim, even for an hour, as we focus and contemplate the future of our planet together. We also understand that the point is not so much to actually make much of an impact in energy savings from that one hour, but that it is representational of more permanent changes that we are capable of achieving. The fact that some of the most infamous waste machines are taking part may boost exposure for the event, but perhaps in the long run also lessens credibility of the new one hour global action, as some companies capable of making real significant changes have decided to do as little as possible in order to get their name in lights, choosing novelty actions to gain green exposure.

We challenge Mcdonald's and other companies participating in Earth Hour to either sit out of the event or make a significant and permanent resolution, starting at 8:30 pm.

Other major corps who received extra credit for jumping on board are Coca Cola and Marriott.

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