A Visit to "Future London: Footprints of a Generation"


London's Mayor, Ken Livingstone, is committed to making London the world's leading environmental city. Having introduced the Congestion Charge to limit cars in the downtown area, and having won the Olympics over Paris for 2012, he is relentless in his quest to reduce emissions. The Footprints of a Generation show (see Treehugger) is an attempt to educate the public about making small, incremental changes in their lifestyle to save the environment. With the theme of reducing our ecological footprint; each exhibit gives facts and figures and very strong visuals about different aspects of the subject. The first display is about saving energy at home with household tips like boiling less water, recycling. Home construction includes an off-grid armchair fitted with a solar panel. There is a beautiful display of organic foods demonstrating the benefits of healthy eating. One proceeds through a huge cylinder filled with smoke, noise and videos of cars showing how "transportation is crippling our world" (see picture). The affect of disease and climate change is graphically shown on a series of tomb stones with terrifying statistics such as: 6 million children in developing countries die of hunger. It ends with a commentary on climate change and the Olympics. Even for a knowledgeable Treehugger there is something to learn; for the general public it is an excellent introductory learning experience. :: Future London