A Very Royal and Green Life

Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, has issued an annual review of his household and its finances. Interspersed between the numbers of staff (142 including two butlers, five chefs, three chauffeurs, seven housekeepers and nine gardeners) and number of letters personally written ( 2,247) are some fascinating facts about his green life and commitment to saving the environment. Bricks are placed in the cisterns in both his country and city houses to conserve water. Royal water is recycled in a natural sewage system. Wood-chip heating systems are being installed, along with solar panels, on top of Highgrove, his country house. In London they use a green taxi. He has stopped playing polo because of the environmental issues—he had to travel to and fro by helicopter. Duchy Originals, his luxury line of beautiful and expensive organic food, bath, and gardening things made a profit of only £1 million on a turnover of £46 million. His garden at Highgrove is completely organic and highly regarded--more than 25,000 people were invited to visit it and left donations to the Prince’s charities of £113,000. The Prince’s Trust, his charity for the past 30 years, brought in £110 M. :: Telegraph