A Reasonable Politician's Thoughts on Climate Change (Video)

Above, you will find a very reasonable conservative politician discussing climate policy. I'm posting this video to invite you all on a nostalgic journey back to the halcyon days of the American climate debate in politics -- way back in 2008. Way back before even acknowledging that the existence of climate science was taboo in conservative political circles. Back before every Republican in the House Energy Committee was willing to vote to deny the existence of climate change, and the Republicans for Environmental Protection became the loneliest organization in existence.

Yes, there was a time -- just three years ago -- when reasonable conservative men in American politics could openly discuss the need to address global warming. Of course, those days are long gone ... ... the reasonable man in the video above has since vanished into the ether, replaced by an inscrutable doppelganger who wouldn't be caught uttering a single one of those sentences in public anymore. In fact, few Democrats would be caught spouting such hard-line pro-climate action rhetoric these days. I don't think I've seen Obama publicly address climate this comprehensively or eloquently since he took office.

And as we all know now, the debate over climate policy in the US is about as intellectually bankrupt as the debate over whether communists took over the government in the 60s.

As Ezra Klein notes in his recent headline, it didn't have to be this way.

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