A Plug-In Hybrid for $10 an Hour? Rent Your Own EV in Central London

amberjac plug in hybrid image

Streetcar Offers Plug In Hybrid Rentals
When Streetcar car sharing club set up in major London stations I got pretty excited. When Plug-In Hybrids started appearing on the streets of London, Michael was enthused. Now we're going to see the best of both worlds as Streetcar have just announced they will be renting out plug-in Priuses for as little as £5.95 ($10) an hour. Here's the details.Hailed as a groundbreaking partnership between plug-in hybrid conversion company Amberjac and the 58,000 member Streetcar car club, the Guardian brings us the full scoop on the plug-in hybrid rental program:

The modified version of the hybrid car is provided by UK firm Amberjac Projects and features a new lithium ion phosphate battery that can be charged from the mains, allowing the car to travel up to 30 miles without using the conventional engine.

According to reports from the Evening Standard, the Amberjac Prius will be available for Streetcar members to hire from £5.95 an hour. Speaking to BusinessGreen.com, Streetcar's co-founder Brett Akker said the company's 58,000 car club members would be the first people in Europe to be able to hire a car with plug-in hybrid technology.

He added that if the trial, which is backed by Camden Council and Transport for London, proves popular the company will aim to roll out more plug-in hybrids across the capital.

It's great to see emission-reducing technologies like plug-ins being combined with product service systems like car clubs - the combination of the two could well be dynamite!

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