A Million Koreans Protest American Hamburgers

koreans protesting american beef photo
Colin Beavan, aka the No Impact Man, writes " This is a photo of 100,000 [since updated to a million by some papers] South Koreans demonstrating in the streets of Seoul on Tuesday. What is so important to them that they turn out in such vast numbers? Impending war? No. Massive unemployment? No. Rising energy prices? Not even.

They demonstrated over the safety of their hamburgers.

After a scare over mad cow disease in American beef imports, they are concerned that insufficient measures have been taken to ensure that future imports will be safe. I know this may be painful for the American beef industry, but my point here is that the protesters' numbers are so large and their will so strong that Korean President Lee's entire cabinet has offered to resign."

He then raises the question about what it will take to get us off our collective butts to do something about the problems that face all of us. That perhaps we should be like people in the rest of the world and stand up to make ourselves heard.

" We need to figure out how to ensure that the cost of climate change measures will not fall on those who can least afford it, how to get more press attention for the issue, and how to show our Government that we care about the future of our habitat at least as much, say, as the South Koreans care about their hamburgers." ::No Impact Man