A Little Peace With My Peas, Please


Speaking about the Slow Food movement, Israel has its own contribution to spiritual culinary pursuits, Chefs For Peace-- who recently showed off their cooking skills at Slow Food's Salone del Gusto, the "Exhibition of Taste". In celebrating one of the world's best known food festivals, the meet not only promoted ten years of excellence in taste, but peace between Palestinians and Israelis as well. ::BBCAccording to the BCC, the festival featured chefs from both sides of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict working together to create a fine meal using the best of both communities' culinary traditions. They are part of the Chefs for Peace association, which for five years now has been trying to promote dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians through their shared love of good food.
The peace meal was one of the highlights of the 10th biennial Slow Food festival.

And here is a second story about the chefs by the NY Times:

One afternoon, a Jewish chef and a Muslim chef got together to cook for peace. Moshe Basson of the Eucalyptus restaurant in Jerusalem and Nabil Aho of the Restaurant Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center made a menu from traditional Biblical food, including green wheat soup and musakhan chicken with hummus.

Mr. Aho said the dishes they made in Turin were designed to appeal to rich and poor, Christian, Muslim or Jew. "We can all gather around this food," he said.

The men, part of a small group called Chefs for Peace, believe food is a common language that can help solve the Middle East conflict.

"In most kitchens all over Jerusalem or Tel Aviv there are Palestinian and Israelis cooking together, shoulder to shoulder, with long knives," said Mr. Basson. "They are not killing each other. They are just trying to make a life." ::NY Times (needs registration, so link here) ::BBC

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